Fun fact: Zentraedi are not a fan of noogies.

Robotech: Mechangel #1

Academy Comics, Ltd (January, 1996)

“One On One”

WRITER: Bill Spangler

ARTIST: William Jang

Lyss signs up to join an underground fight club where death is usually allowed. However, she needs to “audition” and fights a woman named Hela, self-proclaimed “goddess of death”. (I’m betting it’s just a stage name.) Hela may be larger and more muscular than Lyss but Lyss is a Zentraedi warrior and soon beats her enough to win a place in the tournament. She also meets Angelo Dante, another fighter and the real reason she’s here, to join him in finding a Doctor Frost and that Dante’s father would have preferred they teamed up. However, Dante wants nothing to do with her and pledges if they’re opponents in the fight he won’t hesitate to kill her.

What they got right: The story itself is interesting, as our heroine goes undercover at a death match fight club. We’ll be able to see what the Mechangel can do without the mech, though I hope we do see it before the story is over. This is supposed to be Robotech after all.

What they got wrong: Did this story have to include Dante? I can understand the previous issue using Supreme Commander Leonard as it sounds like something he’d do. But this seems a bit overboard for our future 15 ATAC hovertank pilot. It’s like he’s there to make the Robotech connection and I’m not a fan of when they do that, like Leonard in Return To Macross.

Recommendation: I like how it starts but I’ll be able to give a better recommendation when we get closer to how it ends.

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  1. Sean says:

    This cover looks like something out of that old wrestling league GLOW.


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