If you read my daily old comic reviews you know my thoughts on Brian Michael Bendis’ run on The New Avengers, and I’m not really enjoying it. The plots are fine and I think he chose a good line-up but his interpretation of the characters and other issues I have with Bendis in general and in his taking over a long-running property with a long history just haven’t been sitting well with me. Of course every reviewer’s opinion is his or her own and if they tell you otherwise they’re lying or that full of themselves. It’s a sad thing really.

For example I’ve used videos by Owen of Owen Likes Comics for daily posts, filler videos, or as part of a continuing discussion on various topics. I recommend checking out his YouTube channel to see more since I don’t post everything he does. A lot of times I either outright agree with him or at least find some of the history and his perspectives interesting. In this video Owen discusses the history of the Avengers series and how Bendis brought new life to Earth’s mightiest heroes. This may be true, but that doesn’t mean I like what he did with the characters.

Here’s what I wrote in the comments:

I‘ve been re-reading the New Avengers comics on my site and I don’t really agree with your assessment. The new lineup was a good idea and I can find parts I like. However, I don’t like how Bendis approached the characters. Spidey’s quipping is dialed up way too high. Luke Cage is using swears that have to be censored when there is a reason he doesn’t use the hard swears. (Basically you don’t swear around his grandma.) The jokes rarely hit for me. The Sentry storyline, which I just finished reviewing last week, barely had the Sentry in it for the first half as Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Luke Cage, and Wolverine tracked down the Wrecker, and barely had the Avengers in it for the second half as Emma Frost (who is not an Avenger) did all the work, unless you count fighting the Void, which we didn’t see much of. He also had to pretty much ruin Scarlet Witch in order to make his version of the Avengers happen, which I’m not too happy about.

I’m not saying it was terrible, but looking it over again recently I’m not really enjoying it.

I forgot to mention how padded out the stories seem to be, as Bendis is one of those writers who writes for the trade and thus inflates a story that wouldn’t fit a full graphic novel length trade collection. He’s one of those writers who fails to realize why people search for trades and have ignored what makes the monthly/bi-monthly periodical format work since the late 20th century. So what Bendis did may have freshened the series but it was at the expense of the characters and I will be surprised if this changes when I resume reading and reviewing those comics.


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