How about “I wish you’d stop pointing that gun in my face”?

Robotech: Mechangel #2

Academy Comics, Ltd (February, 1996)




Lyss fights well in the games, which grabs the attention of Colonel Frost (hiding his identity behind what looks like one of Cobra Commander’s early mask designs), the man both she and Dante are looking for. Dante learns that Frost wants to kidnap her and warns her, despite the grudge he has against her (which I think is going to be explained next issue). Lyss and Dante make a break for it, but Dante is hit with knock-out gas and has to be carried back to her associate, a man she calls The Claw. In private Claw asks Dante for the rest of the story and Dante is willing to tell him.

What they got right: If this is the Dante we know from the second Robotech war it’s nice to see he still has a good side (though presumably he’s killed during the underground death matches). The story was well told.

What they got wrong: I hope they also explain where “The Claw” got his name since he appears to have two good hands. There are a couple of typos and a change in font for the last page.

Recommendation: So far it seems interesting at least uses the Robotech setting well if not the mecha (in a comic called Mechangel we haven’t seen any mecha since #0). Worth at least looking into and hopefully the story ends on a high.

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  1. Sean says:

    These Robotech: Mechangel comics definitely have some unique covers!


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