Imagine the ship is 2020 and the White House represents everyone…which will be frustrating based on your political ideology but work with me here.

A couple of articles from /Film and a couple from Variety about the current theater situation. First is Regal Cinemas in the US and fellow Cineworld owned UK movie chain Odeon will be closing October 8th. That’s every cinema in every marker, regardless of what Covid-19 is doing in that area. For example Connecticut is expected to finally move into stage 3 of our reopening plan, with increased capacity but still requiring masks and social distancing. Good luck eating your popcorn. These restrictions and media panic about C-19 is why people aren’t returning to theaters on top of the reasons they’ve been abandoning the theater experience for a while now, like prices and other patrons being jerks to everyone else.

Fathom Events, which works with many Regal theaters, will also be releasing new events, including a re-release of Total Recall, an independent documentary on Donald Trump ahead of the 2020 election, a CG Lupin III movie with fan favorite dub actors, and a Rifftrax Live later in the month as part of their month long Halloween horror film fest, all of which I won’t get to see with the nearest theater too far away. This seems like a rather odd time just because two states, New York and California, still won’t be opening their biggest cities.

Meanwhile, AMC and Cinemark have announced they will be keeping their theaters open in regions where they’re allowed to. If I were Fathom I’d work fast to get into as many of those theaters as possible. Or maybe some of the smaller theaters that are hurting even more than the big theaters, who according to Variety are actually asking for a bailout. Considering that movie theaters were losing money before the pandemic and quarantine I’m a bit suspicious. And that article about small theaters was still talking about small chains. There’s an independent theater near me that’s not part of a chain, owned by one family who just recently lost the man who ran the theater to I think a car accident or hit-and-run or something who I bet is hurting even more than that. It’s the small and independent businesses that have taken the biggest hits thanks to the quarantine and the looting and we need to get that message out there.

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  1. Sean says:

    It’s such a shame what’s happening with the movie theaters.


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