Deanna’s worried because she knows that in the next crossover Kirk’s going to hit on her.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Annual #6

DC Comics (1995)

“Convergence” part 2: “Future Imperiled”

WRITER: Michael Jan Friedman


INKER: Sam de la Rosa

COLORIST: Rick Taylor

LETTERER: Chris Eliopoulos

EDITOR: Margaret Clark

Continued from the same year Star Trek annual, Both Enterprises arrive on the planet the Devidians are using for their plan, and have added a future version of Gowron showing the Federation and Romulans at war, with the Klingons as the Federation’s only ally. (I wonder how the Founders played into this if at all?) The now quintet of prisoners figure out that the bubble can only be destroyed from the inside. Both ships send a team down to free their comrades but only Exana can bridge the two as they are chronally out of phase with each other but still manage to stop the Devidians waiting for the 24th century crew, unprepared for the 23rd century crew. Everyone is rescued and sent home without memories of these events while the Aegis not only realized they screwed up in underestimating the damage the Devidians were causing and promise to keep an eye on them in the future, but allow Gary Seven to survive his encounter.

What they got right: So even the Aegis aren’t perfect and accept blame for their mistake. I’d like to see the Time Lords do that. Except they’re dead right now so they kind of can’t. We see one change to the timeline in that Riker and Troi actually rekindle their romance in the altered timeline due to events on one mission being changed. And we didn’t have to go through the whole “we’re resetting time back to normal at the end, so let’s kill everybody” nonsense. Keeping both crews out of phase allows them to work together without playing further havoc with the timeline. Speaking of which there’s even a new image I can use when discussing time travel in future posts.

Yes, yes they do.

What they got wrong: You have to wonder why the Aegis need to kidnap (essentially) and train agents when they have this much power? And I do actually wonder if Deep Space Nine and the wormhole come into play in this altered timeline and what the Prophets think about it?

Recommendation: This was a really good crossover, with an interesting way to keep the crews separate but still working together. Check this story out if you find it.

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