The only new continuity with an adult Spider-Man lately is the PlayStation games and I don’t own a PlayStation, and Into The Spiderverse, which I still need to see but I saw some clip whose title suggests that Peter and MJ divorced or broke up or something so already I’m having a questionable view of what I’m in for lorewise when I finally do get to watch it. So all I’ve seen lately is teen Spideys since The Spectacular Spider-Man and I’m with Comic Drake. I’ve had enough of it lately too. Even new comics start him in high school and keeps him there and that last part is the big problem. What’s worse is that more modern heroes are treated as more seasoned than Peter. For example, while looking for Mary Jane videos for last night’s commentary on MJ I found video from the current Spider-Man cartoon in which Peter is a huge fan of Ms. Marvel, the current Kamala Khan version, and she appears to be a more senior hero (despite being at best a couple of years older than the current Peter in the show) as well as an Avenger. Spider-Man in the comics was an Avenger before she was able to walk at least and Kamala is supposed to be a huge fangirl. That along with her religion was a selling point of the new Ms. Marvel.

Iron Man is treated as Spidey’s surrogate father figure and mentor in the MCU yet in every other media previous Tony was older but the two had both been fighting supervillains roughly the same amount of time. They want Peter a teen but everyone else gets to be their proper age and experience. You can’t have it both ways because you lessen Spider-Man as a superhero. If you want to have Peter new to the web-slinging game, at least be consistent. At least his supporting cast, which he met in college, gets de-aged with him but that’s not always right either and they do other things to alter the characters, not just MJ. But yeah, I’d like to see adult Spidey back on a regular appearance in movies or TV shows.

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  1. […] Busiek on this one but I just couldn’t get into this one personally. I think it’s the burnout I have these days on high-school Spidey Stories. I’ve seen so much obsession with teen Spidey that I just want […]


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