Did you see today’s Daily Video and wonder where I heard of such madness? The below video is your answer.

While Toho is known primarily for Godzilla and his giant monster pals it’s usually in the theaters. Even without kaiju Toho is known as a movie producer or at least distributor. However in Japan they have produced a number of shows for Japanese television, a small number of which have shown up on US TV. They’ve even added a few entries into the Toei-dominated world of super sentai.

As part of the Kaiju Masterclass online event in 2020 Kevin Derendorf, author of Kaiju For Hipsters, gives us a look into Toho’s travels into special effect driven television, or tokusatsu. (The term also applies to movies, including Godzilla.) This is where I heard of that wacky thing from earlier today was mentioned but don’t worry. Most of it is quite sane. MOST of it.

Catch all the Kaiju Masterclass videos on their YouTube channel.

I’ve tried to find uploads of that Godzilla Island but I keep getting some fan series with the same idea of using toys instead of suit actors, only with less budget and quality. (It’s from early YouTube I think so that’s to be expected.) I think I found a proper episode once but my curiosity demands more.

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