I wonder if that eyepatch gives Edwards has an advantage in a staring contest.

Robotech II: The Sentinels book 4 #11

Academy Comics, Ltd (October, 1996)


WRITERS/ARTIST: John & Jason Waltrip

Vince, Wolfe, and Breetai are brought to a preliminary hearing to see if they should be court-martialed. They manage to prove the Regent is alive and Wolfe couldn’t even have killed the clone thinking it was the Regent and the murder charge is dropped. Breetai, with help from Lang, manages to squeeze out of the ore theft charge. The charge agreed to, the stealing of the SDF-7, leads to a hot argument between Wolfe and Edwards, leading to a recess. Lang confronts Edwards in private about his true plans, but Edwards appears to have blocked their attempt to secretly record his confession. Meanwhile, the Ark Angel arrives at Spheris and sets an early plan of investigation while waiting for the Karbarrans to retrieve their mecha. However, Protoculture energy messes with the planet’s crystal structure (it makes more sense when Teal describes it), so they’re going to need to be resourceful again.

(As mentioned in last week’s review I switched the order slightly since this takes place before the Halloween special, so it would be reviewed on Halloween week.)

What they got right: Our heroes are clever in how they prepare their defense, one with a bit of legal chicanery mind you. They use Carpenter’s appearance in Robotech Masters as part of how Lang works against Edwards, and when Lang fights back against him his eyes briefly return to the way they were in The Macross Saga, a style choice in the original anime reworked by the comics into Lang gained some ability when he was zapped by the SDF-1‘s computer years prior. They didn’t forget that detail in the redesign, though it’s possible the show would have since lacking that particular part of Lang’s history.

What they got wrong: There are some panels where the word balloon flow doesn’t go right because there’s too much space between the two characters and too many words to stuff into the balloon. Lettering seems to be something the Waltrip brothers needed to work on.

Recommendation: Yes, I still recommend getting this series.

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