Big Finish’s news announced that “Time Lord Victorious will tell a new and untold story, set in the Dark Times near the start of the universe, when even the Eternals were young. Following several Doctors across space and time as they defend their home planet from a terrible race, this is a story like no other.”

TARDIS wiki entry on the series

While not the first time a story has been created to cross all available media (there was also SyFy’s Defiance, where a game was tied into the show and would have been the first of many such projects, and it was the original intention of Transformers’ “aligned continuity” and the Star Wars writers are trying the same stunt with their “High Republic” idea) this one offers us an animated webseries, so I can discuss it on Saturday Night Showcase. Daleks!, possibly inspired by a series of comics in TV Century 21 magazine in the 1960s but that’s only a guess, follows the Daleks in their conquest of whatever is going to tie into this series. Time Lord Victorious seems to only take part in the spinoff media–books, comics, Big Finish audio dramas, VR games, an interactive event in the UK, and this web series. So whether or not this is canon I guess is up the showrunners.

Episode one finds the Daleks seeing the Archive, a collection of great knowledge. I don’t think it’s the same as the Library from the 10th Doctor. The only 10 Doctor episode that seems connected to the event is “The Waters Of Mars”, while “Planet Of The Daleks” apparently plays into the next episode. The show is done in CG, which is at least a step up from previous online Doctor Who stories (even Scream Of The Shalka was less animated than anything Filmation haters complain about), though some have noted that fans using Blender have produced equal or better quality work with a one-person creator. But did they have Nicholas Briggs altering his voice to play numerous Daleks with their own unique speech pattern and personality? Look, at this point I don’t expect quality animation from the BBC. None of their web shows, CG specials, or animated recreations of lost episodes have exactly been award winning animation, so I’m settling for the story. This first episode does at least give hope for that.

More episodes to come on the official Doctor Who YouTube channel.

Yeah, I’ve seen fan videos of this quality visually as well, but Briggs does a good job with the Dalek voices (I wish the other Archivians had been credited before they were exterminated but Ayesha Antoine was so fun as the Chief Archivian that I really hope she shows up again beyond a recap), the story had good atmosphere, and this will be my first look at these Eternals. I wonder what they want with the Daleks? I haven’t been able to follow most of Time Lord Victorious but at least I get this sample to keep an eye on. Plus it’s always nice to see the Daleks deal with a threat that can deal with them in the end.

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