“Today’s forecast: cloudy with a chance of superheroes. Highs in the 70s.”

Justice League Unlimited #45

DC Comics (July, 2008)


WRITER: Alexander Gradet

ARTIST: Scott Cohn

COLORING: Heroic Age

COVER ART: Zach Howard & Dave Tanguay

LETTERER: Travis Lanham

EDITOR: Rachel Gluckstern

Superman, Mary Marvel, Flash, and Green Lantern respond to disasters in Star City but it turns out to be a trap by Grodd to trick the heroes into a beam that inhibits their powers. Superman and Mary Marvel have to collect an armored car carrying plutonium from the sky while Flash and Green Lantern rescue victims from a flooding subway tunnel. When Grodd’s base is located Booster Gold beams in and shuts the plan down, restoring everyone’s powers.

What they got right: Stories where superheroes lose their powers are probably cliché by now but a good one shows that there is more to these superheroes than their powers. (I’m glaring angrily at you, JLA: Act Of God!) Superman and Mary use their brains and courage to collect the armored car and its passengers while Flash and Green Lantern have to rescue people without their powers. Booster is rewarded for his forced patience in that he gets to stop Grodd. It’s all good superhero storytelling.

What they got wrong: If Grodd’s weapon doesn’t affect technology-based powers, did the writer just forget that the Power Rings ARE technology? So many other writers seem to. Mary’s hairstyle is a bit too big and the color is a bit light, but that’s a nitpick really.

Recommendation: This should be on a list of stories that get the de-powered hero plot correct. Check this issue out if you find it.

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