“Seriously, this wallpaper is getting out of control.”

New Avengers #15

Marvel Comics (March, 2006)

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis

ARTIST: Frank Cho

COLORIST: Jason Keith

LETTERER: Albert Deschesne

PRODUCTION: Jacob Chabot

ASSISTANT EDITORS: Molly Lazer & Aubrey Sitterson


EDITOR: Tom Brevoort

Carol Danvers learns the Avengers are reforming and decides to pay a visit. She isn’t trying to get back on the team, though Cap says she’s more than welcome to. She just wants to tell Steve that she plans to become a better hero, like she was in the House Of M timeline. In hopes of getting Spider-Man off the hook Tony tries to make a deal with J. Jonah Jameson to drop his spin doctoring of the wall-crawler’s membership in the Avengers…which leads to a betrayal any five year old who’s met Jolly Jonah knew was coming. He just lost Jessica Jones as a reporter. (Although if he still has Peter after all this time…) The new team is revealed to the public and outside of Jameson things go well. Meanwhile, Jessica Drew meets with her Hydra contact.

What they got right: The public reveal goes off without a supervillain attack. That was nice. Wolverine is smart to attempt to stay off of the stage given his past. Jameson is still Jameson.

What they got wrong: What was the point of Warbird showing up if she isn’t going to be involved? To show off her new blog as our narration device? By the way Bendis, “Warbird” is my favorite superhero identity of hers so having her claim in her blog that nobody likes it is wrong. I’m guessing the red line through “House Of M” (except for the one time they forget it) is supposed to represent Carol not putting it in her blog since the heroes that remember it have agreed to keep it secret but this isn’t from her blog. She’s just recalling it later in the captions. I don’t think Sentry even got a line.

Recommendation: I’m still not feeling this comic but it is competent for the most part. It’s just hard to recommend any of the stories I have in his run. Maybe he’s getting better but history begs to differ. Especially after his move to Superman but that has no bearing on the quality of this story. I’m not just a fan of Bendis’s interpretation.

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