“How’d we not see a spider’s web this big?”

Star Trek: Voyager #2

Marvel/Paramount Comics (December, 1996)

“Under Ion Skies”

WRITER: Laurie S. Sutton

ARTIST: Jesus Redondo

COLORIST: John Kalisz

LETTERER: Chris Eliopoulous

EDITOR: Bobbie Chase

The Talaxians fall into a Quantum Fissure where the world is all electrified. Chakotay and Neelix enter the dimension to find them and meet being made of electricity. However, they only want to help protect them by bringing them to an area that’s shielded from the static electricity. Once Chakotay and Neelix make contact with the Talaxians they’re able to beam back to their dimension only to learn the Talaxians are mercenaries hired by the Trabe to bring Voyager to them.

What they got right: I like that the electric beings were enemies, but actively trying to help. It still took Chakotay and Neelix a moment to realize it but they did. There’s a bit more color to the Caucasian-skinned people than white, though a few times it still looks like someone needed to turn a light away from their faces.

What they got wrong: The techobabble is in overload. Even I know the science is bullcrap and I’m not even a scientist.

Recommendation: If you like Voyager, congratulations. Outside of the lack of Captain’s Logs for the exposition (we get the usual narrator instead) it feels just like it came from the show. If you hate Voyager that’s more of a warning.

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