You know that line in the Doctor Who TV movie where the Doctor says out of nowhere “I’m half human on my other’s side”? I’m one of the very few who found potential in that, but did you know that had the winds of fate gone a different direction the Doctor would have been all human? Yes, in the early days of the series even the creators weren’t sure where the old man and his granddaughter came from. Did the Doctor come from an alien species of space/time travelers? Or were the Peter Cushing films more accurate and he was an old man who built his own time machine that was bigger on the inside and named by his granddaughter?

YouTube video producer Dalek 63-88 looks into the early days and origin of the man we know today as a Time Lord from the planet Galifrey (also currently a woman as of this writing) and the division in the writing team between “alien” and “human”.

Someone in the YouTube comments of this video said it best: “So retconning Dr Who is as old as the series its self.” My question to you is which do you wish had happened? Was the Doctor being human a missed opportunity? Did someone just forget Susan claimed to name the ship TARDIS from the initials and decided everyone having a TARDIS made more sense? How does this factor into the theory of the console’s design meaning a ship usually had six people at the controls, one at each station, despite never having seen that in show history? How would things be different with the Doctor or even just Susan having been from the future or possibly an Earth colony than a whole other planet? And why am I suddenly asking so many questions?

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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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