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Scooby-Doo #53

DC Comics (December, 2001; as posted to comiXology January, 2015)

COLORIST: Paul Becton

SEPARATIONS: Digital Chameleon

LETTERER: Gus Hartman


EDITOR: Joan Hilty

“Prom Fright”

WRITER: John Rozum

PENCILER: Joe Staton

INKER: Dave Hunt

CO-LETTERER: Jenna Garcia

“Fight Or Flight”

WRITER: Brett Lewis

PENCILER: John Delaney

INKER: Jeff Albrecht

I think I wanted more out of the first story, and I need to spoil it to explain. The “mystery” bit only pops up because it’s a Scooby-Doo story, at least that’s my theory. The gang are invited back to their old high school to chaperone a prom. One student keeps trying to get the nerve up to ask a girl out but your typical jerk jock beats him to it. (Because it’s ALWAYS a jock. I think too many writers had bad experiences with jocks as a kid and just likes making them the bad guy. Oddly, none of my old bullies were players, but we were also too small for a football team. Maybe they just hate football players?) At any rate he tries to trick the jock into exposing himself as a coward only he doesn’t fall for it and the kid’s friend almost gets pounded until the gang steps in. It turns out the girl actually did like our protagonist and only went with the jock because she really wanted to go to the prom and got tired of waiting for him to ask. As a nice twist given the boy’s obvious set-up as being involved I would have loved our fake ax murderer to have been the girl or working for her, upset that the jock basically scared the boy she actually liked off and wanting to get the boy to show his real courage. It would have been different, but at least the story ends with the possibility the two teens will actually get together.

The second tale is more of a mystery, but we don’t get all the needed clues to solve it until the end, which is a shame. A strange phenomenon on a specific airline flight leads to the passengers being robbed, so the airline asks the gang to investigate. As a story it isn’t too bad but like I said, clues are kept from us so we can solve the mystery.

Overall this was a pretty good issue. The first story was fine but my creative mind sought a different path for a twist given how hard they pointed at the “bad guy” while the second didn’t let us join in the mystery solving, one of the things I like about the show almost consistently missing from the comic. Worth reading otherwise, but comiXology’s listing makes it sound like at least one of the mysteries would be at a space station or somewhere in space, so just be warned the most we get is a passenger plane ride.

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