At last, a comic about Batman’s bowling league!

The Batman Strikes #1

DC Comics (November, 2004)

“Penguin Rising”

WRITER: Bill Matheny

PENCILER: Christopher Jones

INKER: Terry Beatty

COLORING: Heroic Age

LETTERER: Pat Brosseau


EDITOR: Joan Hilty

Based on the non-DCAU Kids WB Batman series. In this version Oswald Cobblepot, aka the Penguin, has it out for the Wayne family for what he considers mistreatment and has taken his vendetta to Bruce, as they’re both the last members of their family. (Though as the show continued on this motivation and sadly his Kabuki henchwomen slowly disappeared.) His latest plan is connected to a series of robberies culminating in a plan to destroy Wayne Enterprises. However, despite a few defeats the Batman manages to stop Penguin’s plan, though he and the Kabuki Twins manage to get away.

What they got right: The tone and atmosphere of the show are translated very well into this comic. This series was about a Batman still in the first two to three years of operation, inspired by Batman Begins, though the show didn’t follow Nolan’s direction anywhere else, except maybe the “Batwave” gimmick used for the toys which also disappeared after the first season. So he makes mistakes like forgetting to account for both of the Kabuki Twins, but manages to stop Penguin’s larger scheme in the end. Alfred is still great.

What they got wrong: Detective Yin doesn’t do anything except let you know she’s in the show and an antagonist for Batman in this season. (She’d later become an ally until she was fazed out to make way for the more traditional alliance with Commissioner Gordon.) I’m a little iffy on how Batman puts the clues together to figure out Penguin’s overall scheme or how any of it leads to a giant robot bird.

Recommendation: A good story and I’m not sure why I didn’t collect more issues. If you liked the show you’ll like the comic.

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