Like them or hate them, dubbing anime has undergone a long journey as sound people try to fit American words into Japanese mouths. Between the different words, different grammar system, and different cultural ways of speaking it’s not an easy task to match the mouth movements (aka “lip flaps”) and make sure a different culture can understand the reference enough to not be drawn out of a story. (Especially in the days when you couldn’t hit pause and drop a term in a search engine.) Like anything this required learning new ways to do things and like anything else in animation it’s a long process.

The Cartoon Cypher looks back on some rather unintentionally humorous terrible dubs and asks if they couldn’t be redubbed by someone who knows what they’re doing. Otherwise you get a new dub as bad or worse than the original. I hear Netflix’s redubs fall into that category. Note that I really haven’t seen a lot of these and am posting this for anime fans out there and because I still find the idea interesting. Also I’m late again and needed to post something, even though they left the swearing and blood in.

I have seen Ghost In The Shell and I wouldn’t mind a redub of that. I came into the franchise versus Stand Alone Complex and it does seem stiffer than the series, plus SAC set the voices of many of the characters (only a few of the movie cast came in for the series), especially the Major, in my  head and the movie just feels off because of it. And I hope this is my last re-edit because they added a correction about Gundam Build Fighters.

CORRECTION: commenter @IMissBionix noted that Gundam Build Fighters’ dub isn’t really an Animax dub, “Animax dub” is really just a general term people use in relation to English dubs for Southeast Asian audiences. GBF’s dub was made around the time Bandai in America was winding down, however Bandai Asia had model kits to sell and didn’t wait for the NA situation. We still stand by including the dub on this list because it was made officially available internationally, even though it wasn’t fit for other English-speaking markets. Just keep in mind that it wasn’t really competing with US dubs to begin with, even though we all ended up seeing it on the Gundam YT channel. Also we cited ANN’s page regarding Medi-Lan’s body of work but it’s likely they’ve worked on other as well, as dubs like that don’t always credit their actors & crew.

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