It’s time to return to Symbion, a planet where scientists unleash a plague that doomed the world. Yeah, I know, but that’s what’s in the rotation. Besides these guys end up turning on each other in a great civil war…wow, the Sectaurs toyline really did predict 2020 didn’t it? Well, at least we didn’t turn into bug people while all of civilization died. Yet.

The team of Skulk and Trancula fall into the action figure and puppet. Skulk could ride Trancula and instead of just jumping the Trancula figure around you put your hand inside it and controlled his head and pincers. This is the third comic in the list at but the scans on this one aren’t the best for reading, so you have to zoom in and the text sometimes get pixelated. Luckily it isn’t so bad that I can’t follow the story, so let’s see how this villain story works out. Hopefully not well for the villain.

The story starts with “Skulk the Schemer”‘s backstory, as he was left on Empress Devora’s doorstep. How you have a doorstep on a castle shows why I’m not the host of Shadiversity but she raised him to be a schemer. The Dark Domain doesn’t really teach forward thinking. Raising someone to potentially scheme against you seems like a bad idea. And sure enough Skulk is planning to betray everybody and get his hands on both the Shining Realm and Dark Domain for himself. So that backfired.

Skulk goes to see Scorpia, a sorceress and half-sister of Spidrax. These are the bad guys so you know sibling rivalry takes on a new dimension here. Inspired by Trancula’s bone chewing Skulk asks her to plant images that will lead Spidrax and Dargon to the Land Of Bones, Spidrax in the hopes of finding one of the hives, labs with somehow still running technology, and getting unlimited power while Dargon is convinced his father is there and needs his help. The plan is that they’ll both destroy each other and Skulk will take over…somehow. I’m not even sure how that will work with the Dark Domain since Spidrax is only the lead henchman in this version and I’m pretty sure any of the Shining Realm Sectaurs can easily kick his butt. So I guess that’s why it was okay that he was taught to be a schemer. He actually kind of sucks at it. Even Scorpia is less than impressed with the plan, but she gets to mess with her brother so she’s happy.

In hindsight,shouldn’t she have asked what he was planning before planting false images in her brother’s head, or is she does that willing to screw him up?

Well, the plan starts to work. Dargon and Spidrax meet up and start fighting. I wonder what happens if only one of them wins? Not that it matters since the foolproof plan isn’t idiotproff and guess what Skulk is. Sure enough, going there to see the fight for himself doesn’t go well as a monster, probably the reason the Land Of Bones earned its name, starts chasing after him and he has to ask for help. I don’t know if the scans are missing a page or two or I missed something but Skulk running from the monster while the captions tells us Trancula is fighting it (the only thing he does in the comic besides chew on bones and we miss it) just kind of happens out of nowhere. Dargon and Spidrax join forces to fight it…for some reason. Both of them are riding on flying Insectavores, Skulk is Dargon’s enemy and he doesn’t seem to have the “all life is precious, including my enemy’s” way of thinking and Spidrax seems to care little about his own troops and he later knows somehow that Skulk was scheming something. I think both of them would let him get eaten since Dargon was on a food delivery mission (we all have to find work) and Spidrax is a jerk.

Somehow this ends up with Spidrax and Skulk caught in the rib cage of some giant creature while Dargon leaves them there to not get eaten by the now dead monster but I’m still not sure why Dargon took the trouble. Skulk calls for Trancula to eat their cage because the giant spider monster loves chewing through bones. End of story.

For the most part this story was okay. The part in the valley seems a bit rushed and it still feels like pages are missing from the scans but it does a good job of painting Skulk as the Starscream of the Sectaurs, plotting against his enemy and his commander in the hopes of getting unlimited power, but kind of sucking at it. However it doesn’t do Trancula any favors. We’ve seen the other puppet Insectavores in action as Dragonflyer and Spiderflyer fly their respective masters into battle but the only we could see what to do with the Trancula puppet toy is off-panel and he doesn’t do much of anything else in the whole story. Not a terrible story but it could have used a few more pages.

Next time it’s back to Earth to see what happens when Spider-Man teams up with Peter Pan. No, I mean the peanut butter. It’ll make more sense in the next installment.

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