“If anyone’s going to butcher that song, it’s going to be me. Wait…”

Doctor Who: The Forgotten #2

IDW Publishing (September, 2008)

“Renewal” (according to the Grand Comics Database because couldn’t find a name in the comic like last issue)

WRITER: Tony Lee

ARTIST: Pia Guerra



COLORISTS: Charlie Kirchoff (also cover) & Kris Carter

LETTERER: Richard Starkings

EDITOR: Denton J. Tipton

Lucky for the Doctor he’s traveling with a medical doctor. Martha manages to get his other heart working and they continue through the museum, the trapper sending an Auton after them. Finding the second Doctor’s old recorder, he remembers the time he used it to calm a space worm, while finding Bessie’s keys (that was the old jalopy the Third Doctor used to drive when he wasn’t using the “Whomobile“…yes, that existed and was street legal) reminds the Doctor of using a similar trick to stop dog aliens while he was working with UNIT. The Doctor recognizes a theme of communication and after using one of Ace’s bombs to destroy the Auton tries to communicate with the TARDIS, but gets nothing. The ship may well be destroyed.

What they got right: While Ben and Polly are mentioned it’s Jamie and Zoe traveling with the Doctor during his second incarnation and the Brigadier and Jo with the Third Doctor. As a tribute to these character it works well and Lee seems to be trying to get to the most famous Companion pairings as some Doctors had more than one. Also, both memories have a theme that shows the Doctor’s subconscious may be trying to help him out of this mess. The Doctor’s always thinking even if he can’t remember thinking it. And each of the Companions featured get to do something important to help their Doctor, even Martha.

What they got wrong: Like in the previous issue, the Doctor who didn’t have any color (or should that be “colour”) adventures outside of crossovers are put in black and white. I understand the tribute but I would have liked to have seen the Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe in color. I’m also curious why this museum trap filled of Doctor memorabilia would still include active bombs (something Ace made herself) that the Doctor could presumably use. The usable Auton I understand as this is a Doctor death trap to force him to regenerate but given who this will turn out to be this seems like an uncharacteristic dumb move on his part thought that could be blamed on the real…yeah, I’m not spoiling that here. Wait until we get there.

Recommendation: This is an improvement over the previous issue and the miniseries as a whole is worth checking out.

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