When the Borg killed his wife, Sisko designed a flying box of guns to hunt them down. I do not want to be the Maquis.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #4

Marvel/Paramount Comics (February, 1997)

“The Cancer Within” part 2

WRITER: Mariano

PENCILER: Tom Grindberg

INKER: Al Milgrom



EDITOR: Bobbie Chase

Bashir convinces Sisko to go into Maquis territory in response to Pulaski’s report. This doesn’t sit well with many of the Maquis, including a guy named Kunkel, who can’t get over his hatred of Starfleet. However, the Maquis were closer to the virus and are thus in a worse state than the people aboard the station. With minimum repairs done to the Defiant after the previous issues Sisko is sent to find this base, destroy the chemical warfare plant, and bring the responsible parties in. Back on the Maquis base Bashir, Dax, and Pulaski are able to come up with a cure, but the other Maquis don’t believe it until Pulaski’s now cured daughter shows up to confirm it. Meanwhile on Bajor, a “shadow group” was hoping the virus would do their work for them. Who are they and what do they have planned now?

What they got right: I’m not sure where you could properly divide this story into a part three without disrupting the flow so making this an extra-sized issue was the way to go. (Or maybe that big poster in the middle is throwing me off.) The ending is satisfactory and Pulaski doesn’t have an opportunity to be obnoxious so she gets to show off that at least she’s a good doctor. We also get some continuity not making things to easy with the Defiant not working at 100% efficiency so the battle with the Maquis ships at least looks like it might be difficult…if it wasn’t the USS Benjamin Sisko’s @#$%#$%#in Pimp Hand.

What they got wrong: It seems like an odd time to introduce the next threat in the middle of this story. There are a few panels where the word balloon placement messes up a decent reading order so you can follow the conversations.

Recommendation: A good storyline, worth reading if you find it.


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