I’m sorry, but that “coral” room from the Davies period was ugly as heck, and13’s needs to bu a light bulb. A lamp. Something.

The only problem with this comic is what few indicators I managed to work into the art that shows he’s drawing were covered by the word balloons. That aside, I have seen all sorts of original TARDIS console room designs on YouTube lately. Some are made for games like Minecraft or Second Life, while others are based on types of TARDISes that appear in other media or are completely original designs either for their own Doctor or their own self. Those use software like Blender or Unity to create an actual animated TARDIS but you can’t really walk around that. You can even find people turning a shed into their own TARDIS media center. (Or “centre” if you’re in the show’s homeland.) Check it out sometime. There are some really cool designs.

Over at The Clutter Reports this week I took a look at my introduction to Choose Your Own Adventure books, Hyperspace.

Doing the updates lately is becoming a crap shoot. I know what comics are coming for the daily review, I know what I’m reviewing for Monday’s Chapter By Chapter book review (this week three short chapters from BattleTech: I Am Jade Falcon), but I never know what’s coming during the week lately. I say “I’m going to do this” and then I either have enough new things to talk about that it doesn’t leave me room, I only have time for something quick because my schedule’s a mess, or I have nothing to talk about and need to find a topic. So…articles are coming this week. I can at least be sure of that, barring some disaster I know is going to screw up even that plan. Hope you all have a good week and you like what’s coming up. We’ll be surprised together.

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