If you’re going to watch the original Kamen Rider I suggest going with Shout Factory TV’s full series because Toei’s official Tokusatsu World YouTube channel has a strange posting schedule and you’ll have to wait forever until the series ends. And yet Toei’s already started posting the sequel series Kamen Rider V3, not the last time we’ll see that in this month of Kamen Riders.

V3 follows a friend of the two Kamen Riders from the first series, who is forced to become a cyborg after his family is killed…they even kill the little girl so be ready for that…and is later injured. The enemy is Destron and while a Kamen Rider/Transformers crossover is something I wouldn’t be surprised to see given the other Transformers crossovers lately (though doing a motorcycle Transformer seems to be hard for Hasbro and Takara and they’re rarely done) this Destron has nothing to do with the Decepticons. The leader of Gel Shocker survived (I’d ask how but I haven’t had a chance to finish the original) and has a new monster-making organization as they try to, what else, take over the world. Toei Tokusatsu World has the first two episodes up as of this writing so let’s see how Shiro Kazami gets his cyborg bug powers. Remember to turn on the closed captions for the English subtitles if you don’t understand Japanese.

Told you they killed the kid. And yet somehow this is less freaky and violent than Kamen Rider Amazon, which Toei also recently put up but after watching the first two episode I cannot recommend it and thus it is not Saturday Night Showcase material. Anyway, we have our new Rider. Let’s see what he can do against the skinny Blastoise.

Sorry, kitty, but you can’t make yelling “scissors” all the time threatening. The series did get a home video release in the West a long time ago but I think it’s out of print now. Hopefully Shout Factory will get home video releases of all the Kamen Rider series they have on Tokushoutsu if nobody else does. I don’t think you want to pay $140 for the current full series set.

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