Oooh, I bet in this issue he meets the Cushing Doctor!

Doctor Who: The Forgotten #6


IDW Publishing (January, 2009)


WRITER: Tony Lee

PENCILER: Kelly Yates

INKERS: Rick Ketcham, Brian Shearer, John Wycough, & Kelly Yates

COLORIST: Kris Carter


LETTERER: Richard Starkings

PRODUCTION: Neil Uyetake

EDITOR: Denton J. Tipton

The following review is modified from the original review when the book came out.

It’s the final battle within the last Matrix, the one within the TARDIS, and the TARDIS itself is helping the Doctor. The TARDIS uses the Doctor’s past companions to get the Time Lord to the representation of the invader’s control, which resembles the classic control room (yay!). In the final battle with the cranial parasite Es’Cartrss, the alien who was causing all this (left behind after “The Journey’s End”, one of the other planets stolen by the Daleks, seeing revenge on the Doctor that he got left behind with the Daleks), all 10 Doctors come together to save the day. We also get final confirmation that the story takes place just after the last episode of season 4, most likely before the last Christmas special. However, there is one companion the Doctor wants to see the most. With Es’Cartrss defeated the Doctor returns to the real world, post Donna, ready to resume his adventures.

What they got right: What didn’t they get right. Everything comes together nicely. The psuedo-science makes sense (for the world of Doctor Who, plus it’s an illusion in the Matrix anyway), every companion that appears is properly used, though they couldn’t afford the room to bring them all in. Martha is the best aid (and not just to mislead the audience, although she performs that very well), and perhaps a representation of the TARDIS feeling as underappreciated as Martha’s unrequited love for the Doctor. Harry Sulivan, Steven Taylor and Leela protect the Doctor, Mel asks the right questions, Adric helps the Doctor regain control, Sarah Jane…actually she only gets a comic moment, but she’s already got her own series and enough New Who cameos, Kamelion actually gets to move around and get past a force field, and the final cameo is a very touching moment. Sure, this is continuity porn, but it’s continuity porn done right. Tony Lee can’t get enough praise for this, but I’d love to see what he can do with them individually with more “screen time”. The final battle with all the Doctors gets all but one detail right. And I wish Ben Templesmith had done all the covers. I so prefer his art to Nick Roche’s. Yates also continues to be a good pinch-hitter for Pia in the final issue. Shame Pia couldn’t make it to the finale, though. (Note how many inkers were needed on this, though.) As for the Companion I keep hinting at:

In the initial review, part of that week’s comic haul review, this won Best Scene Of The Week. It’s nice getting to see the Doctor spend some time with Susan, his very first Companion really, even if it isn’t really her. Sadly the show has failed to make this happen, though between Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures we have had Sarah Jane and Jo Grant make appearances in story, and “where are they now” type shorts to promote new DVDs with Ace and Mel. They need to do this while Carole Ann Ford is still with us.

What they got wrong: Well, there should be some humbling here. Not much, however. I’m not sure Adric needs to die again, although Mr. Lee at least uses the moment. Nyssa is just there to be there. I kind of hoped the Second Doctor would get to see the new control room, so we could get another “I see you’ve done up the place a bit…I don’t like it”, and we didn’t get another Second and Third Doctor argument, although Third does get to make fun of Fourth’s hair again, this time within earshot. And still no K-9! I was hoping for some K-9 action. Ah, well. Maybe IDW will do a K-9 special sometime and make me happy. There’s also a problem on IDW’s end. The first page is lacking in dialog, and while the next page fills in the gap and this would be fixed in the collected edition someone goofed up. Luckily Tony Lee did post this page to the IDW forum. It’s not there anymore nor on the article I first found it, but luckily for me I did save it and now bring it to you.

SPOILERS: It’s not the Valeyard.

Recommendation: If your any kind of diehard Whovian, BUY THIS BOOK! Either get the trade or hunt down the individual issues, but buy this book! Yes, I still maintain that today though time has softened me a bit on it. Overall it’s a good tribute to the previous Doctors and Companions as of that time.

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