“I returned that library book yesterday!”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #5

Marvel/Paramount Comics (March, 1997)

“The Shadow Group”

WRITER: Mariano

PENCILER: Tom Grindberg

INKER: Al Milgrom

COLORIST: the credit is there but they forgot to put a name to it

LETTERER: Chris Eliopoulos

EDITOR: Tim Tuohy

As the Defiant returns to the station after last issue, a bomb goes off in the Promenade section. Ziyal is hurt and a message left behind shows that she was the target, another attempt made on her after her surgery. The assassins commit suicide rather than being caught. During further investigation Cardassians using stolen Maquis ships attack their own people. Ziyal and Garak convince Kira and Odo to let them join in an investigation on Bajor and all four are captured by the group behind all this, The Shadow Group. It’s a group of Cardassians but oddly joined by a former freedom fighter Bajoran Kira knows. The quartet soon make their escape and the Bajoran is killed by the Cardassians when it appears her words are swaying him. Then Gul Dukat, the one the Group were trying to draw out by attacking his daughter, arrives with Sisko and defeats the Shadow Group.

What they got right: The plot itself is pretty interesting. A group wanting to sew the seeds of distrust and turn everybody against each other, a Bajoran who was part of the liberation movement in their ranks, Ziyal being used to draw in Dukat. As a plot this could have been a good story.

What they got wrong: But I think they needed an extra issue to let it be fully realized. Why does Zoal join the Shadow Group? All we get is “It is time to return to the old ways”, which seems odd when you’re with the guys whose “old ways” were to enslave your planet so that you fought against them. The Shadow Group had a bit of build up last issue as some major threat but considering how fast everything is wrapped up they don’t really come off as one. I’m not even sure what their goal was.

Recommendation: A good plot but a rushed story. It falls just short of being worth the trouble of tracking down but the concept is worth a look if you happen upon it and want a complete collection.

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