“I’m going to sue my manicurist.”

Eartha Kitt: Femme Fatale #0

Bluewater Productions (September, 2014; as posted to comiXology)

“KItt Meets The Gorgon”

WRITER: Marc Shapiro

PENCILER/COLORIST: Felipe Montecinos

INKER: Ricardo Ayala

LETTERER: Warren Montgomery

EDITOR: Bea Kimera

In this short preview, Eartha Kitt is surfing in Hawaii when a kaiju attacks. Kitt transforms into her superhero garb and guess prepares to battle the monster. It’s a preview so we don’t get to see more than that.

That’s kind of a shame. Unless the whole comic is this fight why not show us the whole thing? I find it interesting that this appears to be a teenage version of the singer/actress and her “hero” costume is the outfit Kitt wore when she took over as Catwoman on the 60s Batman, which I’m guessing is why Bluewater made this comic given they were giving other actors from the show their own comic like they did Adam West. This time it’s not an actor traveling to worlds based on roles they played but a younger version of herself being a hero, when her big role was a villain. She even does all the purring sounds Kitt made as Catwoman. It’s an odd choice but overall I like the art style and the comic looks fun in these few pages. I just wish there had been more.

It’s tough to embrace any recommendation based on these few pages but from what I saw and knowing how other comics in this unofficial series went I would at least recommend a tentative look.

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