Created by Mark Schultz, Xenozoic Tales is a comic series that takes place in the “Xenozoic Era”, a time when dinosaurs rise to reclaim the earth after a major cataclysm. It was reprinted by Marvel’s “Epic Comics” imprint under the name Cadillacs And Dinosaurs, and that was the name used for the CBS Saturday morning cartoon series. Airing in 1993 and produced by Nelvana, the story takes place in a world where the human race was forced underground and forgot much of their old lives while a new world sprang up over them. Eventually, humanity returned to the surface and now must live in harmony with the “Slithers”, their name for dinosaurs.

The main character of the series is Jack Tenrec, a follower of the “machinery of life” and an oldblood mechanic–one of the few who can repair the old machines, though now they use a new power source…dino poop essentially, according to Wikipedia. He is joined by fellow mechanic Mustapha Cairo and scientist Hanna Dundee, an ambassador from the neighboring land of Wassoon in the show. (I don’t know if she was in the comic.) They live in the City In The Sea (formerly New York City), one of the remaining cities of the world, and clash with local poachers, a corrupt politician or two, and of course the dinosaurs. Jack really loves old Cadillac cars and rebuilds them, thus completing the name the franchise uses to this day through other publishers, reprints, a video game, and a short-lived toy line based on the cartoon.

The show is available through Retro Rerun, the YouTube channel tonight’s posting comes from unless they eventually take it down. Since they’re one of those channels who don’t put the intro into the episodes the second video is the intro to the show. It would show up right after the cold open. Let’s meet our cast. Enjoy.


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