No comic today because, as I went over in this week’s Clutter Report, I have a new laptop for the art corner, one where I can update my software of choice, and this week I wanted to set that up. I didn’t finish in time for a proper comic. However that wasn’t the only delay I had to put up with this week.

As you may know I’ve gotten sick at the start of February and March, both times taking me off the site. Well, I’m going to have a few tests done to figure out what’s wrong but the current theory is that it’s a Crohn’s flare-up (wouldn’t surprise me given the strange weather fluctuations Connecticut’s been having lately since that can occasionally influence things–long story look it up), which means it’s taken a new form since my surgery and the first one I’ve had since said surgery. As I try to work this out, and I have a check-up with my regular doctor this week, I can’t promise I’ll have a feature article every day of the week until this is all cleared up. Also, I’m finally in the age bracket for the Covid vaccine and I have to try to schedule that. The result is that there may be days when I don’t have a feature article, but I am going to try to keep the comic reviews and daily quick posts going so you have something to read. I should be able to continue the Chapter By Chapter review of BattleTech: I Am Jade Falcon but it may not show up on Mondays, though I will attempt to maintain that schedule if possible.

This isn’t going to be a permanent situation (I hope) but it will affect the schedule until all the tests are done. Hopefully we can figure out what’s going on and deal with it accordingly. Bear with me folks and have a good week.

About ShadowWing Tronix

A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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