Reminder: drawn and created by a Japanese woman.

Next week is going to have a bunch of crazy days so whether or not I get the intended commentaries done I have yet to see. There are trailers for the Godzilla/Kong movie that I’m trying to not be spoiled on. There’s a lighter commentary I could have written but I’m trying to get my art laptop setup and this is all I had time for. I’ll go over that more this weekend over at The Clutter Reports but I can’t make comics without that all put together.

So here is an interesting commentary from Comics, By Perch I thought you’d be interested in. Perch is starting his own comic store and his own comic, plus he’s also been to Japan numerous times, so of course he’s paid attention to how Japan and the US approach comics in their culture. The video talks a bit about manga but also about digital comics and why they work so much better over there than here.

Catch more Comics, By Perch on his YouTube channel.

Of course there is a group of people who want to get rid of “hard copy” comics altogether and go full digital, but it’s a minor group. It’s interesting that comics are more accepted over there while over here attempts to make them more adult has actually hurt the industry by losing the younger generation slowly over time while not really altering the perception that anything drawn (this would include animation) is anything other that stuff made for kids. I grew up with comics that served all ages, some for kids, and some for adults. Manga has always been this inclusive to my knowledge.

However, I do see an advantage to comics on your phone. Even mine has a few comics to read on the SD card. There is something to the physical experience as well. Digital comics can be made for the benefit of a phone and tablet or even a computer, as seen on sites like Webtoons or even Homestuck, and has its own way of reading it versus a paper comic, and this should be explored more. However I don’t think it can properly replace paper comics. Each format tells a story it’s own way. Most webcomics follow a more traditional formula in the hopes of being printed in physical form but I’ve seen comics use different layouts, even though that makes it hard to collect with your regular comics sometimes. I’ve had this issue with comic strip collections or oversize books.

Basically this is a chance to further enhance how comics can tell a story in a way no other medium has, something I’ve discussed in Art Of Storytelling. It’s a good topic that needs further exploration.

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