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Edison Rex #1

Monkeybrain Comics (2012, as posted to comiXology)

WRITER: Chris Robertson

ARTIST: Dennis Culver

COLORIST: Stephen Downer

LETTERER: John J. Hill

EDITOR: Allison Baker

DESIGN: Dylan Todd

Edison Rex is a villain, trying to prove that Valiant, hero of this reality’s Earth, is the real villain. He eventually finds proof that Valiant’s powers were part of a plan by aliens to create a virus that gives superpowers but eventually turns you evil, explaining some of the thoughts in the hero’s head. So the hero commits suicide, but manages to convince Rex that now he and his associate M’alliz, must now become the planet’s protectors.

Let’s just drop format and admit what this is: it’s Megamind but with closer parallels to Superman and Lex Luthor, possibly All-Star Superman. You can tell that rather quickly, despite an alternate origin for Valiant’s powers. It’s the presentation that makes it work. In All-Star Superman we didn’t get to see Lex become a crimefighter, though that would happen later after Superman 52 bit the farm. I still haven’t seen Megamind as of this writing but I think he also starts fighting crime but the two characters in that movie are more parodies than analog.

So how does Edison Rex stand apart? Well, this issue is just a set-up for the series so I’m not sure how different it turns out but the issue has some good moments with Valiant and Rex, going over why Rex turned evil, and unless he was lying about this as part of his plan he turns out to be right about Valiant being a threat, at least in the future. Seeing what he used to be doesn’t make it a big surprise when he decides to take over as Earth’s protector given that unlike Lex he used to be a good guy. Plus M’alliz still wanting to do the conquer thing though her boss has other plans is interesting, like Igor on Count Duckula. I also really like the art style. This could be a good series.

I kind of want to check out more issues to see where they go with this concept from here. This is mostly a set-up story and a plot we’ve seen before but it still has potential to be a good series and take the idea beyond what the potential inspirations were able to do with it. Give a look if you come across it.

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