ComiXology doesn’t allow me to auto-sort comics by the date they were originally released, so these DC digital reviews are going to bounce all over the timeline. Sorry about that.

How does a comic suffer from lens flare?

Green Lantern Corps #1

DC Comics (August, 2006)

“To Be A Lantern”

WRITER: Dave Gibbons

PENCILER: Patrick Gleeson

INKER: Prentis Rollins

COLORIST: Moose Baumann

LETTERER: Phil Balsman


EDITOR: Peter Tomasi

During a mission to protect a royal family from assassination (which is a normal succession act on this planet) Natu’s ring fails to block a cannon from coming through the armor because it’s yellow, an impurity the Lanterns have learned to overcome. Believing her ring cursed she’s ready to quit the Corps, but Kilowag and Guy (who is pissed he hasn’t had a vacation in over a year) manage to talk her out of it and return to the planet just as her partner has to stand alone against another attempt. Also he’s stuck with a Green Lantern fanboy. Meanwhile another Lantern in a different mission punches his partner in anger.

What they got right: This series is about the entire Corps, not just Earth’s Green Lanterns. If this meant getting one back on Earth that would have been cool. However, what we get is still some interesting character drama plus good action which balances out well.

What they got wrong: As far as I know we really didn’t get one of our favorite Lanterns back to just fighting on Earth and the rest of the sector. Somehow the Guardians are bigger jerks than usual, unless that’s part of yet another subplot. In which case you’re drifting close to Furman Subplot Syndrome and maybe shouldn’t do that.

Recommendation: As an opening issue it actually works pretty well. It may be worth checking out depending on where the series goes. However, this is the only issue comiXology had up for free so that’s the only one I have.

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