To steal one of Linkara’s running gags, “this remake of Close Encounters Of The Third Kind is weeeeird”.

Barry Sonnenfeld’s Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens Free Comic Book Day Special Preview

Liquid Comics (2012)

SERIES CREATOR: Barry Sonnenfeld


ARTWORK: Mukesh Singh & Liquid Studios

LETTERER: Nilesh S. Mahadik


EDITOR: Sharad Devarajan

Forgive me if I’m not following events correctly. There aren’t a lot of events to follow, though I’ve seen worse in these so-called previews. At least you get some idea what’s going on and some stuff in the back of the comic explains a little more. From what I can tell, aliens come to Earth around dinosaur times, possibly needing a new home or something (that’s the part I’m confused on). They find one ship down and the pilot/crew dead. Then they see a T-Rex.

The info in the second half of the comic doesn’t explain a whole lot but it gives us some clue, plus it’s the only place we get a good look at the aliens…not because of the painted art style. This is a rare case when it actually doesn’t look too bad as comic art, but what the full book looks like I can only guess. Sonnenfeld was partially inspired by the concept of “manifest destiny” when it comes to the push forward across the country and the negative impact on Native Americans at the time. I’m not saying you can’t make a good story out of that but current events have made me wary when a writer openly invokes a political perspective, even one I agree with. At any rate we can imagine this will play into the story, since it seems like the aliens at least believe they need to move to Earth.

Overall I couldn’t tell you if this is a good comic or how highly I can recommend looking into it. I’ve never read it and I’ve seen high concepts, even awesome ones like this, end up not reaching those heights, even with dinosaurs fighting space aliens. (I do like the aliens designs and many of the dinosaurs seem to be going for more modern interpretations of what dinosaurs were, yet the T-Rex still looks the same because you don’t mess with a classic look. No feathers on Rexy.) If you have the graphic novel, which was made with making a movie in mind so I’m even more suspicious, let us know if its any good, but I don’t think you really need this comic if any of this is in the graphic novel.

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