Not the usual banner I’ve been using for Saturday Night Showcase, but this was my introduction to a series called Space Adventure Cobra, though anime fan Matthew Sweet actually used the movie for his video of the song “Girlfriend”. He would break out another anime, Those Crazy Aliens (I believe that translates as Urusei Yatsura in the original Japanese, first introduced in the US by the name of the female…yeah, I’m calling Lum the antagonist here–deal with it) for his song “I’ve Been Waiting“. A friend of mine would later show me the manga for the former while my introduction to Lum was the same friend’s manga. (Different manga, of course). And now thanks to TMS’s YouTube channel we get to watch the series adapting the manga.

Created by Buichi Terasawa, Space Adventure Cobra follows our title hero five years after disappearing with a new identity seeking respite from the attacking pirate guild. Cobra was an independent pirate but the guild soon grew so big they decide to force everyone to join. Kind of like a few union groups I could mention that ruin the whole goal, but these are pirates. Their goals usually aren’t nice, except in fiction where the term “pirate” is misused a lot. It makes the Phantom cry. Anyway, Cobra and his android partner Lady Armaroid have been enjoying some peace and quite, except Cobra’s new identity has a rather boring life…until he makes the same mistake Douglas Quaid did and try to have a fake life experience only to learn it was real. Remind me never to do that. I’m happy with my dull life and I’m not in a world-saving mood today.

In the first episode Cobra is awakened just in time to stop one of his old enemies from murdering his new identity. If you haven’t met the man with the Psycho Gun, now’s the time.

If you like this episode and want to see more, TMS’s anime channel on YouTube is currently releasing the series and it may be available on other streaming sites. I should warn you though episode 2 at least had some mild nudity in it (and a few character nods, including one I swear is from that other Matthew Sweet video) and it’s a series where a dude shoots a lot of people from his gun arm Shockwave style and romances numerous beautiful women. It’s not for kids.

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