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FCBD 2016 – DC Superhero Girls Special Edition

DC Comics (May, 2016, as posted to comiXology)

“Super Hero High”

WRITER: Shea Fontana

ARTIST: Yancy Labat

COLORIST: Monica Kubina

LETTERER: Janice Chiang

ASSISTANT EDITOR: Britney Holzherr

EDITOR: Marie Javins

This is the first chapter of the graphic novel Finals Crisis. Like the other FCBD issues from this series it’s a preview for the full novel rather than its own story.

It’s finals day at Super Hero High, which freaks out Supergirl. Back on Krypton her last finals were ruined by bullies who used her horse Comet to make her trip up an experiment, which nearly got people killed. With some pep talk from the Kents she decides to try again, but on the way back someone uses a Kryptonite arrow to make her crash to the ground. And she’s not the only one on the mysterious villain’s list.

It’s a preview but it could work as a standalone story if not for the teaser to the graphic novel that ended this chapter. I still like the art style. It’s a good lesson for Supergirl and we get to see more about Krypton. I haven’t read the full story but this was a good introduction and I do want to see what happens. If anyone’s read it, was it any good?

(You know, the fact that Kara is here and the bullies probably…and this is a pretty dark revelation for a superhero comic for young girls as opposed to a young girls comic where superheroes technically exist like we get now…they’re probably dead, I guess technically Kara wins. Not a good way to win and I say that as a former bully victim myself.)

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