Many Showcases ago I broke out the original Gigantor English dub and its successor The New Adventures Of Gigantor. Sadly as of this writing TMS has forced the latter off fan uploads while the original is still protected by the official US distributor’s channel. There is no official post but I’ll update here and in the next available Sunday update during Jake & Leon or a Programming Note if that’s what I end up with. However, TMS has at least softened the blow by beginning to post episodes of the original Japanese version of New Adventures, otherwise known as Shin Tetsujin 28.

Properly translated as New Iron Man 28, this is not a continuation as it was for his American counterpart. Instead, as you’ll see in tonight’s episode, it’s a total reboot of the series, based on the manga Tetsujin 28-gō. In the first episode, Shotoro Kaneda is given his father’s giant robot to go fight another giant robot whose owner wants to, naturally, take over the world. The Tetsujin franchise inspired the “super robots” I grew up with (though sadly we only got a few in our area), but this sticks to the OG robot. No weapons, just fists and a built-in jet engine for flight. It’s subtitled in the video so you don’t even need to use the captions. Enjoy.

I do like the new design. It’s similar to the original but a proper update. I talk more about the series in the earlier links. Apparently there was also a live-action movie but I don’t know anything about it.

The series is being rolled out on TMS Entertainment’s YouTube channel, and I’m hopeful they’ll release the English dub as well at some point, as they’ve done for a few other series. I like having the two to compare.


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