Six stories? Boom Studios, you spoil our kids!

Kaboom! Summer Blast Free Comic Book Day Edition

Boom Studios/Kaboom (May, 2013)

“Kaboom!” is Boom Studio’s kids imprint. For Free Comic Book Day they offered a comic with six whole stories, more than usual for a FCBD comic for any age group.

Additionally, according to the Grand Comics Database only one of them, a sneak preview of Herobear And The Kid, was reprinted from anything. That means the other five stories are original to this special. Are they any good? Let’s dive in and find out.

(Choose Your Own) Adventure Time

CREATOR: Pendelton Ward | WRITER: Ryan North | ARTISTS: Shelli Paroline & Braden Lamb | LETTERER: Steve Wands | ASSISTANT EDITOR: Whitney Leopard | EDITOR: Shannon Watters

In the past I wondered what a “choose your own adventure” style comic would look like. I don’t think I’d imagine the layout in this comic but it kind of works. The Ice King finds a spell that causes Finn and Jake to lose control of their bodies and decisions to someone else. However, that someone else disappears and it’s the reader who gets to take control. Will you punch Ice King or not? Will you go to Princess Bubblegum or Flame Princess? The possibilities and sadly not endless because only one path leads to a bad ending and the others eventually end up at the same ending through different paths but overall it works well enough considering they did this in such small space as opposed to a graphic novel or something.

Regular Show

CREATOR: JG Quintel | WRITER/ARTIST: Brian Butler | COLORIST: Maarta Laiho | ASSISTANT EDITOR:  Whitney Leopard | EDITOR: Shannon Waters

I kind of wish they had the same editors on all the comics but the last two go and ruin it. Thanks a lot! Anyway, I don’t know this show and only two of the characters are named, Rigby and Skips. I don’t know who the bird is. In this story the trio are going on a roller coaster ride but Rigby doesn’t want to go on because he always ends up taking a bad picture and being humiliated in the gift shop. Bird guy and Skips try to help but it doesn’t work. All this did was remind me why I never watched this show. I didn’t like the art style, which doesn’t even look right for what I’ve seen of the show unlike the rest of the comics in this book. So I can’t really judge it as an adaptation but I didn’t like it personally. Sorry to the fans out there but I’m not one of you. I know the internet has a meltdown when that happens.

Herobear And the Kid

WRITER/ARTIST: Mike Kunkel | ASSISTANT EDITOR:  Whitney Leopard | EDITOR: Shannon Waters

This is one the GCD says is a reprint. It’s been a while since I’ve read the first issue but I will give it credit for exploring the series’ theme of friendship. It’s just this kid’s best friend is a stuffed polar bear that turns into a polar bear superhero when the kid bops the bear’s nose. It explores the concept but not really the story itself so it just barely works as a preview. The comic itself I had to warm up to the first few issues but it’s worth checking out.

Ice Age

WRITER: Caleb Monroe | ARTIST: Andy Hirsch | COLORIST: Mirka Andolfo | ASSISTANT EDITOR:  Whitney Leopard | EDITOR: Shannon Waters

I know less about this series than I do Regular Show. Two little…possums I think?…meet a bird trying to hide a cursed treasure map and you know they’re going to ignore the warning and try to find it, and not just because it’s a preview of a story called Ice Age: The Hidden Treasure. I’m kind of surprised this isn’t a reprint as well, so I wonder if the entry is up to date. Not much here.

Peanuts: “How To Draw Linus”

WRITER/PENCILER: Vicki Scott | INKER: Paige Braddock | COLORIST/LETTERER: Alexis E. Fajardo | ASSISTANT EDITOR: Alex Galer | EDITORS: Matt Gagnon & Shannon Watters

Sure it’s a drawing guide, but they keep it interesting in how Charlie Brown uses baseball objects as his guide. I didn’t have time to test it out unfortunately.


CREATOR: Jim Davis | WRITER: Mark Evanier | ARTIST: Gary Barker | COLORIST: Braden Lamb | LETTERER: Steve Wands | ASSISTANT EDITOR: Chris Rosa | EDITOR: Matt Gagnon

Due to one of the gags I’m not convinced this isn’t a reprint from the first issue, but again I’m going by what the GCD is saying. Jon finds a #1 copy of a comic book and gets it checked out to see if it’s worth anything. Evanier is doing what he did with Garfield & Friends by making fun of things, in this case the comic collectors market. If you liked the tone of that cartoon you may enjoy this comic as well.

Overall it’s worth getting just for the first story because it’s rare to see a choose your own adventure style comic book. It’s the only one I know of. The other stories are meh to decent so you may enjoy some of those as well.

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