At least it isn’t Neelix coming back.

That’s apparently what Kate Mulgrew is telling people how Janeway is going to appear in Star Trek: Prodigy, a hologram on the ship. I can’t wait to see how Charles “Chuck” Sonnenberg handles this when SF Debris’ Opinionated Reviews gets to this series. I’m sure it will be the funniest thing to happen to animated Trek…because that certainly isn’t coming from Lower Decks.

Over at The Clutter Reports I didn’t have time to really do anything. Partly to get this done on time. And I’m STILL a few minutes late.

It would be nice to get a Finally Watched in this week, but I’m seeing a lot of Superman content I need to discuss…again. There’s also a Free Comic Inside article that’s a surprise to both of us because I only found out about it a couple of days ago and was lucky enough to find a digital upload to work with. That should be fun. Speaking of Star Trek, the next Chapter By Chapter review of Prime Directive is up tomorrow. Mainly I’m hoping to avoid as much filler video night posts as I can. The Daily quick post I’m not as concerned about. That’s supposed to be where the old Filler Video stuff should go but life has smacking me around again. With any luck you’ll get all original content from me this week. Have a good one!

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