I suspect I’ll want to use that sword on this comic, but it’s a digital comic so I’d only damage my computer.

Infinite Crisis #1

DC Comics (December, 2005; as posted to comiXology)

WRITER: Geoff Johns

PENCILER: Phil Jimenez

INKER: Andy Lanning

COLORISTS: Jeremy Cox and Guy Major

LETTERER: Nick J. Napolitano

ASSISTANT EDITOR: Jeanine Schaefer

EDITOR: Eddie Berganza

Everything is falling apart. The Trinity gather at the destroyed Watchtower and argue about their recent actions. Even working together to stop Mongul doesn’t cut through their differences. The Freedom Fighters are killed by a cadre of supervillains while the Rock Of Eternity is destroyed. Donna Troy leads a group of heroes to another universe for…some reason as Nightwing deals with a group of OMAC infesting Bludhaven. Superboy (the clone version) is unsure of himself after learning his actual human donor was Lex Luthor. Watching all this are the Golden Age Superman and Lois (of Earth 2 in a previous continuity), Superboy-Prime, and some version of Lex, who are tired of all this nonsense and decide it’s time to return and do something about it.

What they got right: I mean…it tells the story it wants to tell. The art is really good and really creates the atmosphere they’re going for. The action is well done, and you get a feel for where these characters are at this point in DC history.

What they got wrong: Where they are at this point in DC history. So much depression. I didn’t even mention the war going on with Rann and Thanagarr being interrupted by a rift in the universe that took Oa’s spot as the center of the universe, so we have yet another book with so many plots going on I can’t follow them all. We have more hero deaths, heroes leaving, Superboy useless, we know this leads to Superbrat-Prime messing with reality so Johns can do commentary against the critics of DiDio’s Darker DC.

Recommendation: If you really wanted to know what happens in this story just go with Linkara’s review because money should not be given to this depression-fest of too many plots.

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