“Okay, who dropped the dry ice in the river?”

A Planet’s Cry free teaser

Eden Park (2013)

WRITER: Kristi McDowell

ARTIST: Jay Mooers

This one’s going to be a bit different. I think this teaser came from ConnectiCon, possibly in the press materials though I could have gotten it at a table somewhere. I went looking for ways to find the comic but of the two sites listed in the comic one no longer exists and the other no longer has the comic for sale. Meanwhile I don’t know if this comic is available. So I’m only looking at this to see if it is a good teaser and on the off chance you come upon it whether or not its worth getting. Given that it’s a small or indie publisher I’m not sure how you’d find it but here’s what the teaser tells me.

Storywise, I’m not sure what to tell you. We have a group of people surrounded by what I’m guessing is an army of bad guys. Some of them have powers, there’s talk about time travel, one of their friends returns, apparently reformed or released from an evil curse, it’s not clear. A nerdy-looking guy keeps talking about dragon spirits and one shows up to protect the group from the army as they go in, about to kill something called a generator. I’m not sure if that’s some mystical name or the actual machine because that’s where the story ends. Also, apparently two of them are a couple.

Artwise, you know my point of view on the painted art style if you’ve been here long enough. If you haven’t it rarely works in sequential art, and nice as it looks that fact isn’t changed here. The problem this time is that there are so many darker colors that things blend into each other. I can still make out whose who but not much about their features. It doesn’t help that the story isn’t really introducing anybody. It seems more focused on the look of the comic than the story. I did find an article from the creator’s friend discussing the first full issue but it doesn’t have a lot of detail on the story either. All it really notes is that different people across time are in some other world fighting bad guys and something about prophetic dreams.

Overall, this really doesn’t tell you anything about the comic and I couldn’t find any further information, including how to get a copy. It may well turn out to be a good comic and if you’ve read it let us know in the comments what you thought but the teaser itself doesn’t really inspire me to hunt the thing down.

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