This is what happens when you don’t get the weeds out of your garden.

Robotech Masters #21

Comico The Comic Company (January, 1986)

“Final Nightmare”

WRITER: Mike Baron

PENCILER: Harrison Fong

INKER: Bill Anderson

COLORIST: Tom Vincent

LETTERER: Bob Pinaha

EDITOR: Maggie Brenner

The 15th aren’t happy with Zor after he betrayed Musica. Nova orders them to bring Bowie and Musica in, though Dana is hoping to go around her. Everyone eventually ends up at the remains of the SDF-1 only to find the Invid Flower Of Life has already bloomed within the protoculture factory, Musica and Zor convinced this signals the Invid, while Zor remembers the actions of the man he’s been cloned from. With the raw protoculture on the Masters’ ship also blooming and draining their protoculture even further, the Masters’ order a full-scale attack while Leonard does the same on Earth. This will be the final battle, and Emerson has opted to take point on the attack.

What they got right: There’s one point in the comic where Bowie and Musica are talking about being away from the war while the RDF ships launch into space. It’s a nice bit of editing. Everyone learns important information regarding the Flower and its ties to protoculture, as Zor remembers who he is (or was cloned from anyway).

What they got wrong: I did manage to find the episode this is adapted from (though it was the “remastered” edition…I’ve discussed my dislike for that incarnation in the past) and some character dialog is switched around, altering character responses. Nova originally claimed Zor’s action protected the 15th from charges but here Nova is planning to weigh them anyway, and tells them to leave now for the search rather than wait until morning, when the heavy rains stop. Angie was never here and switching his and Dana’s dialog at one point messes up who didn’t believe Musica’s story about the Flower.

Recommendation: The comic isn’t bad but I can say this week the episode was slightly better. Might be worth a read.

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