If you were paying attention yesterday, or saw my overview of the series, you shouldn’t be surprised this is here. While I haven’t been able to keep up with the show I know that since my initial review the Paw Patrol have gained occasional superpowers, a bunch of new occasional assistants like Everest from the initial review (including their first cat, only the second cat seen talking in this series), tons of extra specialty vehicles (including ones that put the whole team into one of the regular members’ specialties when they need all paws helping them), and even more problems–like actual supervillains–than Mayor Humdinger, supposed mayor of a place called Foggy Bottom, and his kitty counterparts to the main Patrol known as the Kitty Catastrophe Crew. if you want a true expert check with a child but I probably know more about this show than any childless adult should. Ask me if I care. (Spoilers: no.)

While the formulaic issues continue on, even when moving operations to the beach or a hidden dinosaur valley (because Adventure Bay seems to have all the geographic ecosystems in a short drive, except for not-London, where they still have to fly), the show continues to be a fun show loved by many, many children. Live stage shows, made-for-TV specials, and for some reason no comic book I’m aware of but plenty of other media like books and video games as well as the toys (given that the series is co-produced by Spinmaster that’s a given) are out there. So of course it has to follow other kids show/tolines like Transformers and My Little Pony and getting a movie.

The trailer dropped yesterday for Paw Patrol: The Movie, which is getting a huge visual upgrade being a theatrical movie and thank God it’s not some animation/live-action hybrid garbage! It’s not afraid to be a cartoon property, which I haven’t seen since Peabody & Sherman out of Hollywood these days. So let’s take a look.

Wedgie drone? Really, Skye?

So far that’s the only thing annoying I’ve seen. Getting the parents to bring their preschoolers to a theater for a Paw Patrol movie, especially after the time we’ve had the past two years, will probably require something to make them happy, the lack of which I praised in my initial review of the show but if it’s done right I could probably deal with it under the circumstances. We’ve seen the first person surprised to be rescued by puppies (still no concern about them talking, so that at least remains true to the series canon), which I actually also don’t mind. Adventure City, where the movie is going to take our heroes, is a bit different from the team’s usual home in Adventure Bay, and if he comes from the former this would be a new experience. I also hope they’re going to try to explain how they got a new Adventure City headquarters or all the upgraded vehicles because it’s not like this series has ever explained that stuff before. There was already a tower in the Dino Wilds, Ryder immediately had new vehicles and costumes when he wasn’t expecting a superpower-granting meteor…at this point if you care then pardon me for using the internet’s favorite defense but this wasn’t made for you. Suspending disbelief for us grown-ups on this series is a herculean feat few can manage. Being one of those few and knowing children are usually not jaded enough yet to care, just embrace the creative weirdness and enjoy!

We don’t get to see much of Adventure Bay in the trailer. That looks like the bridge that goes between the Patrol’s Lookout and Adventure Bay proper, and I think Mayor Goodway is there among the cheering crowd, but otherwise the focus is on Adventure City, and it looks like the crew is going to have to get used to maneuvering the big city. Adventure Bay is a smaller town, and even Barkington rarely has the team going anywhere besides the castle grounds while everywhere else seems devoid of heavy traffic (just giant monkeys, dinosaurs, kid pirates, a doggy biker gang–see what I mean about suspending disbelief?), so having a guide is a good idea. I wonder if she ends up joining the team at the end? We’ve seen it happen in the past, as that’s where all the guest helpers come from.

I guess they wanted a big city for a big movie, and a big budget. I am curious why the mayor of Foggy Bottom, a place Humdinger claimed to really love though we’ve never actually seen the place outside of his dirty tricks cave headquarters where he plots against rival town Adventure Bay, would run for mayor of Adventure City but making sense has always been a secondary priority to entertaining kids, and I can support that for the age group. As for that budget, look at the fur on the furry characters. On the show it looks flat, but here they have real fur texture, and that’s before the updated costumes they get in Adventure City, the cool upgraded vehicles, and yet the same kids seem to be voicing the characters even with all the celebrities listed. Of course they’re going to break out the celebrities, who probably aren’t as interested as actual voice actors and are doing it “for their kids”, but maybe they’ll pull it off. Meanwhile the team gets a new ally, a dachshund named Liberty, so we’ll see if she’s annoying or an actual good fit. It depends on whether or not the show writers were allowed to do what they do best instead of the studio shoving in some hacks who don’t know or care about the source material. I always get worried when the movie people get their hands on a show and claim they can do better or want to be able to tell their kids they “helped” with their favorite stories. Then there’s the plot that we’ve know about.

“When their biggest rival, Humdinger, becomes Mayor of nearby Adventure City and starts wreaking havoc, Ryder and everyone’s favorite heroic pups kick into high gear to face the challenge head on,” according to the film’s official synopsis. “While one pup must face his past in Adventure City, the team finds help from a new ally, the savvy dachshund Liberty. Together, armed with exciting new gadgets and gear, the PAW Patrol fights to save the citizens of Adventure City!”

I wonder which pup? My guess is either Chase or Marshall, being the two most promoted characters in the toys, but Chase the police dog would be my first guess. The movie hits theaters in late August but even I would feel weird going to see this in theaters by myself, unless I went to a late showing without kids and their parents. I know I’d get funny looks because not everyone believes a good story is where you find it or accepts someone older might rather watch talking puppies save lives than a bunch of feuding families killing each other over an ugly chair. I still apologize for nothing. I may not be a rebel but I don’t live by your rules, man! Dog. Whatever.


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