To make it worse, his apartment building is across the street.

I hope we can stay back. I wanted to take more vacations than my previous list (just my birthday week) to keep from getting burnt out, but all the stops I’ve had to make in 2021 is killing my productivity and ruining what few goals I set up. Thus showing I really shouldn’t set goal because the universe will do all it can to ruin it, including using my body against me.

As I stated last post, it will be a slow return. I’ll be doing only the feature articles this week because there are things I want to discuss. Monday will be the next Chapter By Chapter review of Star Trek: Prime Directive, if anyone still remembers what that book is about. Tuesday I’ll go over Masters Of The Universe: Revelation, and while I don’t have Netflix between reviews and posted clips I do have enough info to pass summary judgement on a few details. Don’t worry, it won’t be ALL negative. Just mostly. 🙂 I also hope to have a new Captain PSA comic for the first time in years, and we’ll see what else there is to discuss besides a follow-up to a previous video I posted. I noticed there’s more redhead-slaughtering in Hollywood and my last post on that did surprisingly well during my absence but we’ll see if there’s anything new there beyond just adding to the list.

However, no comic reviews and no daily quick posts this week. Quick posts will hopefully return next week to go over the backlog, but I really just want to work slowly back. I’d actually prefer the quick posts but I have missed too many topics and I have to go over at least some of them. As for when the comic reviews return it depends if I want to go solely with the comiXology library at the moment or wait until I’m well enough to go through my longboxes again. (Still no heavy lifting for a few weeks and then I go to my regular doctor for a check-up to see if I’m ready.) We’ll see what happens as I do want to continue going over my collection. At any rate, I’m somewhat back and thank you for being here if you still are during yet another forced break, and my longest one yet. Have a good week everyone!

About ShadowWing Tronix

A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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