Returning August 1st, 2021

(unless something @#%$# else goes wrong)

Potential topics for the return week (subject to change based on current events)

We left this book just as the last chapter of part one loomed ahead. Given that it leads into part 2 and the actual explanation of what happened to the Enterprise crew that might not be so bad.

The more I’m hearing about this the less I like it. There’s one interesting observation I haven’t seen anyone else make and I need to look more into the released plot details, but I just heard they want to kill Orko off. I don’t care if this will be out of date by the time I get back I have to go over it.

Remember that five hour video that thoughtfully analyzed every mistake make in Chris Chibnall’s run on Doctor Who that had nothing to do with the casting? If not maybe you didn’t actually watch it before calling it hate speech like a bunch of other people. The maker of that video posted a follow-up and if I have the time when I get back (again, subject to the latest news out there) I want to go over it.

I thought up another Captain PSA comic! Hopefully I can actually finish it by the first week in August.

Of course Jake & Leon will be back on Sunday. I hope. As for the fifth day in the main week I plan to keep that open for something else that comes up. Chapter By Chapter will be the first priority, the Masters Of The Universe: Revelations rant after that, the Chibnall Who follow-up if I have time, and Captain PSA if I can get a chance. I also have a video I’ve been trying to complete an image for so I want to hopefully have that video for you on Saturday. Then there are the website tweaks I mentioned in my last v-log. We’ll see where things go. In the meantime, back to healing!

About ShadowWing Tronix

A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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