Picture from my Pokédex review. Click the image to check the review out over at The Clutter Reports.

For those of you who missed yesterday’s posts, thanks to weather and doctors appointments messing with my schedule I’m posting a trio of videos by Did You Know Gaming? about a lost Japanese Pokédex book that was never brought over and localized. Finding a copy they got one of the game’s original localizers to translate the book.

Last time we saw some of the first 73 Pokémon, and some of the changes between the game’s creation, release, and current generations of the game. We even got to learn about the real-world and folklore inspirations for the Pocket Monsters and that it originally took place in a variation of our world…and that people ate Pokémon while also doing some questionable experiments. The translation was so long that it needed a second video, so let’s see what other changes and dark moments take place in this early version of the Pokémon world.

I wonder how much information the book’s writer was given prior to the release of the games? The book came out within a few…was it weeks or months, I forget…of the game and we’ve seen novelizations missing information from the movies. Transformers Exodus was supposed to be the novelization of the first Transformers: War For Cybertron game for example, but if you read my Chapter By Chapter review or the book itself you know that it got so much wrong that it’s barely accurate most of the time. My point is I wonder how much in the book is blamed on more research needed by the researchers, which is a side job for the trainer/player in the game on behalf of Professor Oak and how much was just the author not being told everything?

It still seems weird that some of these Pokémon eat other Pokémon. I mean, it makes sense (except in a world where normal animals exist like in this book) but I’ve seen enough of the show that you see Pokémon and their trainers being best buddies and yet it’s like me making friends with grilled cheese. Granted if my grilled cheese sandwich comes to life I’m running off. What’s weirder are humans eating Pokémon. Again, in this books real animals exist so while kids are catching them for battles their parents are cooking them for supper. It’s like two clashing worlds. Then again, what do humans eat when there aren’t animals around? These are those dark things we don’t always think about even when the Pokédex entries outright states them.

It’s interesting to see what goes into a Pokémon design. There’s thought put into where it lives, what it eats, what eats it, and even function in both the game and the world…although I didn’t need to know the Polys’ tummy markings were poop inside the body. Given my particular medical issues it’s even more squicky. Also, Professor Oak dissected them. Man, the show really does mess with your world view. We’ve also seen Pokémon who don’t like to fight according to their entries, yet this game is centered around collecting the creatures and making them fight, the show making it look like all they want is a strong enough trainer and they’ll gladly fight other Pokémon because it’s fun. Even if it means not killing and eating the opposing trainer’s Weedle.

(Imagine Pigeot picking the wrong moment to swoop down on a Magikarp and ending up Gyrados chow instead.)

Tomorrow is the third (and hopefully last, because this is really getting long) look at this lost official Pokémon guide. What will we learn tomorrow?

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