The 27th entry in the Ultraman series, Ultraman Geed plays with the franchise lore in that one of the series recurring villains is connected to our hero. I won’t spoil how for those of you who haven’t seen it yet. Also, this means that rather than merge with or assume the form of someone else the Ultraman is his human identity.

Let’s meet Riku Asakura, who made friends with the alien Pega and exists in a universe thought destroyed by the villainous Ultraman Bellial. When a monster shows up in the city Riku learns that he is Ultraman Geed, complete with his own base rather than being part of yet another alien-fighting organization, who must use the DNA-altering Ultra Capsules and the Geed Riser to become Ultraman Geed…but while he gets to live the dream of being like the monster-fighting Japanese heroes he sees on television that dream may come with a nightmare. Enjoy.

To see more episodes of Ultraman Geed you can check out Shout Factory TV’s page. If you’re in the US and want a physical copy plus the Geed movie, it’s oddly not sold by Shout Factory but Mill Creek Entertainment. It also shows up on Shout Factory’s Tokushoutsu channel on Pluto TV.


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