At least I left her a blond.

It’s not one-to-one I grant you but they’re so close that it might as well be a gender-swapped Jon Kent instead of Kara. Oh, and i didn’t find out Barbara changed looks again until after the comic was made, and I’ve only heard she did. So if she has a new outfit now…oops.

I’m hoping to return to the Clutter Reports next week, at least for a one shot to do something on the site. Now that I’m dealing with the kidney stone I haven’t been able to go to my primary doctor to be cleared for the hernia surgery. I figure do everything in one shot and I don’t know what will be done about the stone. I did pick up a “pity Transformer” this week because I think I earned it and there are worse things to spend money on because your having a bad time.

I’ll be seeing the urologist this week (which I thought was last week so I wasted a day, another reason for a pity Transformer) but I really want to clear out some of my filler video backlog, so expect a lot of that this week. However, I will be keeping an eye out for worthy topics (there’s one I’m not sure I should do because of current events but it’s those same events that make it interesting) and Monday will still be the next chapter of Star Trek: Prime Directive for Chapter By Chapter. Still no comics until I get my clearance or I decide to go all digital (except for the Star Trek and Robotech comics since they’re in easy reach) but I’m still trying to pull myself together here.

Also next week: Jake & Leon #500! I have something neat planned for it. Max would be pleased.

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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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  1. […] I made a joke in a Jake & Leon comic about Supergirl stealing his costume for her current suit, but I guess she was just returning the favor. Look at the shoulders on the headbanded costume of Supergirl in that video (I don’t have an image in my library) and compare it with what Superjunior here is wearing. Obviously he has pants and his boots look more like shoes but there are similarities. […]


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