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I want to build off of this video to make a stronger point. When a production releases promotional material, they’re saying “this is the show, this is what it’s about, this is the tone we’re going for, this is how we’re approaching these characters”, et cetera. The point is to you get you interested in a work. If you don’t like what you see, with the untold numbers of entertainment options across numerous media, it’s not wrong to judge it. This is especially true if what they’re doing is an adaptation, remake, or re-imagining of a previously popular work and you see little to nothing beyond some surface trappings of the show, movie, comic, game, or book that you love.

For example with last night’s look at Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop. I’m judging what they’re telling us they’re going to do with the shows and trying to convince us that these actors are going to properly represent the characters in the show. If I don’t see that in the promotional material, what evidence do I have that they’re going to do it when it finally comes out? I’m better off watching, reading, or playing the source material and get the REAL experience rather than setting myself up for disappointment that something I love was poorly mismanaged. If I’m reviewing the promotional information that’s not the same as judging the show, and I may end up hating the show or movie even more when it finally comes out based on the lead-up by the actors and defenders or because all of the fears I had going in were confirmed rather than placated. I hope for the latter but as a reviewer setting myself up for the potential of the former is not a bad thing. In fact if it turns out they fixed the mistakes by airtime (for example the Sonic model in his recent movie) I may enjoy it more. It’s not wrong to judge the promotion, since that’s the whole purpose of the press release, to get you interested and prepare you for what’s coming.

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