Let’s do something a little different tonight. Lately my Saturday Night Showcase entries have been regular TV shows making an appearance on official YouTube channels owned by the rights holder or licensed by legal parties. I’m happy do so as it allows me to tap into nostalgia and point out these official hosts on YouTube, even if the shows are available on other streaming site or sometimes to promote those sites. However, this series is also about promoting independent work and it’s about time I threw one of those in here. So let’s talk about PopCross Studios.

Self-proclaimed as the “home of the nerdiest art videos on YouTube” (I’m paraphrasing), PopCross Studios is also the home of Chris Pearson, a cartoonist and storyteller from Canada who also wrote a series of novels called Multiverse Tales. His channel is about speed draws and discussion of character designs. He’s drawn classic heroes in unique situations, what happened if other universes like the My Hero Academia school were attacked by a Venom symbiote, what if they were dragons or Transformers, sci-fi characters in fantasy worlds (although I once asked him about doing it the other way around sadly I haven’t seen fantasy characters redesigned for a sci-fi universe…get on that, Chris!), fictional characters as the basis for an armored battlesuit design, and so on. He also does a monthly challenge to draw creations by his viewers into the expanded multiverse.

Recently he designed to give these mash-ups stories, leading to original characters based on his Multiverse Tales novels and building on what he didn’t get to show when the series had a premature ending. Even the mash-ups (except for the PopCross Transformers and Venomized universes currently) have been drawn in, like meeting the chronicler of the dragon world with unique dragons and ones based on superheroes like Captain America, or ones based on the open source SCP Foundation fan project.

This combination of speeddrawing and storytelling in the PopCross Multiverse began with tonight’s adventure. “BioMech Kayla” is about a girl trying to rescue her friend from a forbidden zone in her universe and meets Charlie, a liquid metal “bio-mech”. Can they save her friend? Did someone mix coffee into Charlie’s systems? And how does this start Kayla and Charlie on a trek through the multiverse? Enjoy!

As of this writing there are 12 main episodes in the Multiverse…multiverse, but you’ll find other continuities and just regular drawings and design explanations on his YouTube channel, some of which are also stories set in this chain of realities, plus other continuities he’s played in just for fun. Here’s a direct link to the PopCross Studios YouTube channel, with new episodes on Fridays and Mondays. You may find a new story to enjoy or just really enjoy the art. Wait until you meet Benny Sharpe.

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