The “Neo-Saban” period of Power Rangers is rather confusing. You’d think Saban getting the franchise back from Disney would lead to something that still feels like Power Rangers. It does mostly but there are some rather headscratching decisions being made. Nickelodeon really restricted their groove but that’s no excuse for oddities like the second season throwing “super” into the title or the disaster that is Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce. What should have been the anniversary series–the second Sentai series used for the “super” season, Pirate Squadron Gokaiger, was an anniversary for Super Sentai, the franchise that Power Rangers gets most of its action footage from–was put into the hands of someone who couldn’t care less. The end result was something that seemed like a cheap knockoff of the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers without any idea why that show worked and started this franchise. Hasbro’s two shows are a better tribute and neither of them have been in an anniversary year. You can catch Linkara’s review of the two seasons for more on its failings.

Sadly, this is the one where I finally get a namesake Ranger, and the RED Ranger (aka the leader of the team), and it’s on this version and not a very interesting version. Thanks for nothing, creators!

One of the video projects I’ve been wanting to do is taking what could have been a good show, movie, or character, and fixing what I think is wrong without completely re-imagining everything the creators were doing because that would make me a hypocrite. Whether or not you guys would want to see that I’m not certain, but I’m using TJ Omega as a trial run for the concept, though my format would be a bit different. In the video below TJ takes a look at the show and proposes some much needed changes that would have given us the show that would have been a good anniversary season and a more enjoyable product overall. He does reference Gokaiger as if folks know the show because he’s a fan of both Power Rangers and Super Sentai, but otherwise it should be easy enough to follow. Imagine if the show had gone more like this.

Catch more TJ Omega on his YouTube channel for stuff like this, tales of his life as a toy store manager, and toy reviews.

I would complain about Tetsuo being dropped because of how I want to approach this kind of reconstruction in the future but frankly his idea for Datas worked better. Tetsuo was a poor substitute for Alphas 5 and 6 anyway. The part I really like is having the footage actually tied to the events going on so that the clips work for whatever situation they’re involved in either personally or in the Ranger threat. Make those lessons tied in to the “you’ve been rewarded a new power” moments instead of “hey, you learned to tie your shoes, here’s a new power”, like the show seemed to do. Unlocking powers should be a big event. I’ve heard Sentai fans complain that the original Mighty Morphin Rangers didn’t earn their weapons the same way their Zyuranger counterparts so they’d actually do something BETTER than the original series, if only by accident.

Also I’m apparently in a minority because I didn’t hate the name Robo Knight…just the way he was written. I can see changing it, and it works better than Mack’s reveal. I’m not sure of the name “Shining Knight” though. It reminds me too much of the “Shining Finger” attack from Mobile Fighter G-Gundam and that was just a stupid name for an attack that’s about grabbing an opponent Gundam’s head and crushing it.

I was wondering where he was going with the Rangers keys but when he got there I thought it was great. I would have gone with Rangers of other dimensions and worlds rather than ones from the future (except for Time Force and SPD of course). I mean I didn’t hate his idea, especially what he did with the Black/Green Ranger change. Tommy’s inclusion in that part also works because the dude’s been turned evil two or three times by Rita, the Machine Empire, and I think Mesagog got him once. I’m sure he’s followed the other formerly evil Rangers who came after him like Karone. However, if the otherdimensional Rangers we know, namely Dino Charge and RPM, are using the same Morphing Grid why wouldn’t Gosei and Tetsuo/Datas be doing the same thing to reach other Ranger powers?

One change I would make is instead of the Megaforce Rangers using both powers in the final battle, if there are any friends they had during the show, and in these shows the Rangers do have friends and family outside of the team that pop up on occasion, why not give them the powers, or Rangers whose colors are being used by other Rangers? I mean, some of the Space Rangers took over as RPM Rangers, Tommy can’t be using every Ranger form with his multi-morpher or whatever its called at the same time, and the more allies they have the better. Maybe have other Ranger allies using powers to make up the extra spaces?

Bulk’s appearance also works. We know he’s run bars and clubs in the past, why not a yogurt shop that reminds him of the juice bar he used to hang out in with his best friend?

What do you guys think of TJ’s fixes to Super Megaforce? I already have a short list of shows, movies, and characters I would like to tackle in a similar way but a more focused format, but would it be something you’d like to see? Would you like to see TJ do more of these? Let us both know on his channel and my comments. I’ll get the word to him.

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