WARNING: Terrible theme song cover coming. If you hated the song already, this is worse.

Catch more like this from RetroRoboRadio on YouTube.

“Robo Machine” was the European version of the GoBots, starting out as a separate Machine Robo international release before merging with GoBots because they were getting the Challenge Of The GoBots show over there. They got a few things wrong.

  • His name is just Dumper, not “GoBot-dumper”. Also, Spay-C is somehow a better name than “GoBot-shuttle”. I love GoBots but how do you make the naming scheme WORSE?
  • Speaking of Spay-C, she’s a girl GoBot like Crasher, who is a bit too psychotic even for her. Crasher does follow orders, you know.
  • Thruster is not a rocket.
  • AJ has darker skin than that. This one looks interracial but show AJ is fully black.
  • I don’t know what the ASC is but Matt isn’t a cadet, he’s a full on pilot and as a Guardian liaison still ranks higher than “cadet”.
  • Did I mention the cover of the theme sucks?

I thought you guys might want to see this. I found it interesting, but I think I’ll stick with the show.

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