This wasn’t the remake of Young Samson And Goliath I was expecting.


The Covenant Presbyterian Church Of New York (1998)

No title and no credits

In the ancient times an angel tells a couple they will give birth to a son who will free Israel from Philistine oppression, and not to cut his hair, the source of his mighty strength. Unfortunately, the boy Samson grows up to be a bit too much in love with his own great strength, and marries a Philistine girl. At the wedding he ends up insulting his parents with his prattling on with the enemy and annoys the Philistines with a riddle, with new robes as a prize. Not wanting to be shown up by Samson, the men force his wife to get the secret of the riddle from him. In anger, Samson kills a group of Philistines to get the robe and let’s just say he’s not happy with the wife since he didn’t know they forced her into it. Disowned by his parents and nowhere to go, it gets worse when a price is put on Samson’s head, and a bounty hunter is willing to try to collect.

What they got right: Giving Samson a manga-style makeover is actually pretty interesting. I don’t know if they imported an actual manga since I can’t really find information on this, or at least I didn’t when I prepared to review this before my forced hiatus. I don’t even know who worked on it, but they did a good job. It’s a fun retelling of Samson’s early mistakes.

What they got wrong: I don’t remember an assassin going after Samson, which would have been issue #2 had they made more (and they certainly intended to). I guess they were going to take their own route at some point, but given that this was released by a church I’m going to assume the spirit and message of Samson’s tale in the Book Of Judges would have remained intact.

Recommendation: If you can find this one, it’s not a bad take on the story of Samson. Worth a look.

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