I like that intro. It falls just short of being good enough for My Favorite Intros because it’s short and most of the enjoyment comes from the song (you can find the full version online) and gets to set up the story and show off the powers of the four Galaxy Rangers but that’s all it has time for. I’d still rank it above a lot of modern intros but we’re not here to discuss the intro.

So while I was looking for those earlier attempts at what became Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, one of them being a pitch video for a show called Galaxy Rangers, it shouldn’t be a surprise than one of the 1980s cult hit sci-fi westerns would dominate any attempt to look up anything else with that name. While I couldn’t find anything related to the pre-Power Rangers I did find a pilot reel for Adventures Of The Galaxy Rangers, basically a condensed version of the first episode. Since today was busy with helping family (and tomorrow may be as well) I thought I’d bring this out as a taste for non-fans and a treat for the show’s actual fans. Enjoy.


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